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Ventilation installation

Supply ventilation systems used to supply air to the room, followed by distribution throughout the volume. Such a ventilation system does not just filter air, but its cooling or heating, as well as the necessary moisture.

Forced ventilation in the room to create a slight positive pressure, thus removing the air most often occurs in a natural way – through windows and cracks in the doorways. Forced ventilation system makes it possible to distribute the incoming air to the room with the help of diffusers and air distribution grids. In the case where in the production area, there are restrictions limiting the noise level, ventilation systems can be equipped with noise-attenuating elements. To maintain a constant level of temperature and velocity of circulation of air inlet ventilation system is equipped with an automatic control system that supports the given parameters of indoor air.

Supply ventilation systems – the most effective ventilation systems to ensure continuous circulation of air in the room, working on the inflow and exhaust simultaneously. Heating the air inside the supply and exhaust ventilation systems is how to use the heater – electric or water – and through the recovery, in which the intake air temperature rises by the heat of the oncoming stream of air drawn out.