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This is the most popular for today kinds of modular flues. In the steel chimney pipes double-walled. Internal flue pipe is made of stainless steel with thickness of 0,5-1,0 mm. It is further layer of insulation on the basis of basalt fiber, and, finally, the outer metal tube, which is made of stainless or galvanized steel. The optimum thickness of the pipe – 0.6 mm, when the thickness of it heats up quickly and thus possesses sufficient rigidity. Supplied accessories item contains all the necessary details for the articulation of the constituent elements, their reliance on a wall or a ceiling, tees, elbows, fragments of a waterproofing of roofs, etc. The advantage of steel chimneys – durability, due to their high resistance to corrosion; compactness, light weight and optimal ratio of price and efficiency. Manufacturability of mounting and maintenance of the system is ensured by the simplicity and speed of Assembly, ease of elements, an opportunity of manufacturing of non-standard parts, using the installation routine building tools.

When using steel of the appropriate quality, reliable welding and ensuring quality control of such chimneys can be used for all kinds of fuel and furnace systems. Sleek and thin material heats up quickly and provides good traction in the pipe. The disadvantage of steel chimneys can be considered as relatively high cost. It should also be noted that the steel chimneys in difficult operating conditions in all the same corrosion – combined impact of high temperatures and acid does not withstand even high-quality steel.

On the Russian market is rather a large number of firms offering such products: BOFILL, NIGARA (Spain), HILD, POUJOULAT (France), SELKIRK (great Britain), RAAB (Germany), VILPRA (Lithuania), FINELINE, “ЭЛИТС”, NII KM (Russia). Along with the hard chimneys widespread flexible system of corrugated steel, which are especially effective when installed in an old brick chimneys. These false pipes can also have two wall design and provide a low resistance to air flow. With the help of special rebated and joints with the help of joints is very high system reliability even in case of installation eaves of a complex configuration.