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Air vents


Characteristics of air ducts

Air ducts

must meet several requirements:

  • be completely sealed,
  • ensure the air-flow rate not exceeding the standards established technical requirements,
  • comply with the sanitary conditions on the noise level,
  • maintain air pressure, specified in the project documents,
  • take a minimum volume of residential and auxiliary rooms,
  • to ensure the requirements of technical standards for heat and noise insulation.


As a rule, the air ducts are used inside the premises for the distribution of the supply air and of contaminated air. The performance of the ventilation network mainly depends on three main parameters of air ducts: cross-sectional area of rigidity, the form of the cross section. This is, for example, the speed of air flow: when the output beyond the limits of the established norm of air flow makes the duct source of the excess depending on the complexity of the configuration, which have, according to project documents, ventilation pipes, in the course of installation works are applied hard

(galvanized) and flexible (frame) air ducts. Air ducts made of galvanized steel are used in the ventilation systems of the enterprises, offices, large entertainment complexes, educational, sports institutions, organizations of public catering, as well as any other buildings that have rooms of a large area, the exploitation of which involves the active ventilation.

Flexible air ducts (including flexible ducts for ventilation systems) are used in small rooms, having complicated configuration, or not suitable for the installation of large galvanized ducts. Such ventilation pipes are made of multi-layer corrugated aluminum foil, allowing to bend in any direction at a given angle. The lack of expertise of all the flexible air ducts – high aerodynamic resistance is compensated by the freedom of spatial placement, and, as a consequence, compact design.


In case, when the ventilation pipes according to the project will go to a small load (low air speed, low blood pressure), engineers recommend the use of such ventilation systems. To air exchange the system successfully fit into the design solution of the interior, as well as the replacement of air pollution on fresh with optimum speed and without unnecessary energy consumption, there is still at the stage of project preparation, pay attention to the shape of the cross section, which will have a ventilation pipes of rectangular section are used mainly in the production and large office buildings. The air ducts are used in cases, when the customer in accordance with the technical task requires enhanced ventilation. Rectangular cross-section are usually galvanized ducts.

Round ventilation pipes have a smaller diameter: they are more convenient for the device ventilation systems in small flats, country houses and city apartments.